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"Vlad is a natural, engaging teacher for our 10 year old. Our son is shy but loves his lessons with Vlad and is growing in confidence every day. Doing a one on one lesson allows Lucca more time on the drums and his knowledge of his electric drum set has greatly improved. He can now confidently play along to songs that he knows and this is something he really enjoys. Thanks Vlad!"

"Vlad has been teaching our son Jack drumming for around two years and in Jack's words 'He is great, he has lots of patience with me and doesn't complain if I make mistake, and he helps me improve my drumming'.
Vlad has been so good this year with the lockdown and Covid  situation and carried on teaching Jack online, when not able to teach in person, being very flexible with times etc.
Jack really enjoys his lessons and Vlad is an excellent teacher."



"My daughter Tahlia started drumming at junior school as she always enjoyed music and wanted to learn something new. We never knew if it was something she would stick at or whether it would be a simple craze. However, when she left junior school she was really keen to continue drumming and her tutor Vlad was happy to pursue private lessons as he could see her enjoyment and potential. We originally purchased an electronic drum kit for Tahlia to practice at home and more recently she now has her own acoustic set. She practices daily and continues to be motivated by her lessons with Vlad and his ongoing words of encouragement. Tahlia has now completed her first Grade 1 exam with a distinction result. We would highly recommend Vlad, he has always been extremely reliable, professional and supportive and works with his students to be the best they can and achieve great results."

"Vlad has been teaching my daughter, 13, who is home-educated with various additional needs, for almost a year.  She sometimes has trouble staying focused, but Vlad has kept her engaged and her drumming has come on leaps and bounds - she is now preparing for her music exams. She looks forward to her weekly lesson at home and rocks out when practising and learning.  We first started drumming with her due to coordination problems, and drumming has helped a great deal with both this and her anger management."



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